By The River’s Blossom – Luxury Handmade Table Runner (180cm)


Note: The design is replicated on the folded sides as well.

Pure Egyptian Cotton – sourcing only pure Egyptian cotton through our established partnership with local suppliers. Ensuring our quality outlives the test of time.

Proudly Handmade – we take pride in creating products that are made by hand. This fulfils our vision of creating authentic design pieces.

Authentic Local Brand – each product you buy has passed through local artisans and designers. We are doing our best to set a new standard for Egyptian design.

Beautifully Designed – our products are designed to act as a subtle piece of art. Creating a contrasting and interesting environment at your own home.

Flora & Fauna Collection is a meeting of nature’s colours. Creating patterns representing nature’s beauty and implementing soft textures is its core concept. Made using pure Egyptian cotton, these cushions’ beauty goes beyond just their looks.

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Weight 1115 g
Dimensions 40 × 180 cm

120×120 cm



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All our products are washable. However, depending on the complexity of the product, some are washable only on hand. Visit our 'Product Care' page for more specific instructions.


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