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Pure Egyptian Cotton – sourcing only pure Egyptian cotton through our established partnership with local suppliers. Ensuring our quality outlives the test of time.

Proudly Handmade – we take pride in creating products that are made by hand. This fulfils our vision of creating authentic design pieces.

Authentic Local Brand – each product you buy has passed through local artisans and designers. We are doing our best to set a new standard for Egyptian design.

International Filling Size – we create our products to match international cushion sizes, meaning wherever you go or whoever you gift this to, it will always be easy to find the right filling size.

Beautifully Designed – our products are designed to act as a subtle piece of art. Creating a contrasting and interesting environment at your own home.

The Bohemian Collection, most favoured for its Earth tones and abstract designs, is the perfect collection for summer-styled getaways. Reflecting the feelings of relaxation and carefree destinations, the collection helps bring the beauty of outside, inside.

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Weight 400 g
Dimensions 50 × 50 cm


Product Care

All our products are washable. However, depending on the complexity of the product, some are washable only on hand. Visit our 'Product Care' page for more specific instructions.

Cushion Fillings

Please note that cushion fillings are sold separately.


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